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Hi lovely!

I'm Kirsty, a food freedom, gut health and fertility dietitian. 
I help people make sustainable changes to their diet to make impact without BS fads!
Book a FREE 15-minute discovery call to see how I could help you..

Kirsty Wood  | Nutritionist Dietitian & Coach UK | Your Health and Lifestyle

Optimise your nutrition. Improve your health.

We usually know what’s good for our bodies, but we don’t always know how to take Sustainable Action

With so many conflicting and unsafe diet messages out there, I understand how confusing these messages can be.  

I am a specialist registered dietitian and use Evidence-Based nutrition principles to optimise the Health and Wellbeing of my clients (essentially, you won't find any 

B-S nutrition claims or extreme cabbage soup diets here). 

Working with me will give you the tools and resources to implement dietary and lifestyle changes to become Happier and Healthier. Whether it is overcoming your digestive issues, supporting you to create a healthy relationship with food or planning to start a family, you will Always be at the centre of your care as we work together.

 Healthy Shake | Nutritionist & Dietitian UK | Your Health and Lifestyle

Offering collaborative transformation
with you at the heart of what we do! 

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