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Navigating Food this Festive Season

  • quit yo-yo dieting

  • reclaim trust in your body around food

  • be more intuitive with your eating patterns

  • stop emotional eating

  • gain a balanced and sustainable approach to food

A Bitesize Guide to Intuitive Eating™ 

Welcome to the world of Intuitive Eating, a transformative approach to nurturing your body and mind. With The Bitesize Guide to Intuitive Eating™ Course you can learn how to reduce overeating, feel less stressed around food, and say hello to being more confident and happy in life. ​

​This self-paced course if for you if... 

  • You want to discover food freedom at a lower investment - enjoy self development that’s both high in quality and easy on your wallet (especially when you consider the cost of diets and unimpressive diet food over the years).

  • You want to go at your own pace - You’re in control of your learning speed, allowing you to balance your journey to food freedom with other commitments.

  • You want a catalogue of guided worksheets to help you discover your patterns of behaviour and help you to transform into a more intuitive eater.

Kirsty Wood  | Nutritionist & Dietitian UK | Your Health and Lifestyle
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Client Image 1 - Smiling woman

"During the past few years I have had numerous medical interventions, tests and other discussions with Nutritionists but I can honestly say that working with Kirsty has been the most transformational."

Anna** Fertility and intuitive eating client

Client Image 2 - Smiling woman

"Thank you so much for all you did for me on our journey together. You were so kind, lovely and understanding. You helped me to put food in its rightful place, something to be enjoyed and appreciated but also balanced.... working with you felt fun and positive and not intense. Thank you so much for all you did for me."

**Cathy, Intuitive eating client

Client Image 3 - Smiling man

"Kirsty supported me to look at the foods I enjoy and how to make healthier choices, giving me the confidence to enjoy eating out again."

Dave** Newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes

** We take privacy seriously, client names and images have been changed to maintain confidentiality

Other clients who have worked with Kirsty have said:

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