Do you have unpleasant bowel symptoms? Bloating? Gas? Constipation or Diarrhoea?

By working together we can methodically identify food triggers that are contributing to your symptoms.


You will receive a comprehensive plan and work towards improving your symptoms, improving your gut health which in turn comes with a host of benefits to you and your body. Nutrition consultation plans are flexible with weekly, fortnightly or monthly consultations. 

Schedule a welcome call today to see how we can work together to regain a happy dietary balance, reduce anxiety and improve your gut health. 


  • Bespoke nutrition support for you

  • Diet and lifestyle advice to resolve gut issues such as bloating, gas and diarrhoea. 

  • Low FODMAP diet advice and support

  • Nutrition for your health

  • Balanced meals

I fully appreciate that every person is unique. All consultations are treated with strict confidentiality and are a judgement-free zone.


Schedule a discovery call today to see how we can work together.

My goal is to help you to feel comfortable and confident in your body right from the beginning.


What a relief to have found Kirsty. I initially chose her profile because of her friendly writing style, which totally matched her personality. Discussing bowel problems isn’t easy at the best of times, and I’d been suffering for a few years, but Kirsty was friendly, upbeat, yet totally professional and reassuring. Her advice was easy to implement, and even better - worked. I’m still in the early stages of trying out her suggestions, but so far so good, and I cannot tell you how much of a relief this is. Kirsty was reassuring, supportive, incredibly knowledgeable, and although I only needed 1 session with her, would confidently get back in touch if I needed her support again. Definitely recommend to anyone looking to improve their digestion and overall health. 

H, gut health client