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Amy's* 1:1 Coaching Experience 

What was your relationship with food and your body like before working with Kirsty? How would you describe your relationship with food and your body now? 

Before, I had struggled with food for almost all my life, I had tried dieting on and off for 8 years and food felt like a constant struggle, whether I was under eating or overeating it was a constant thing in my head. After working with Kirsty I can now set food aside so I can make the decisions around mealtimes but I'm not constantly thinking about it, and I can choose the meal that's right for me at the time.



Have your food choices changed? Are they quicker?

Are you choosing different types of foods?

My choices have changed a lot, Kirsty helped me find patterns on how I ate, which then gave me the chance to use those to work with me instead of against me, I pick food easier and I find myself enjoying more foods than I did.


What has been your biggest “ah-ha” moment?

Kirsty asked me to do food and mood Journals where I recorded what I ate and how I felt. These were amazing as they helped to show things that I would never realise, one thing she pointed out that I never noticed was I always ate carbs later at night if I hadn't really eaten much fruit or veg that day, it sounds quite minor but it was a very big turning point for me
Also on fruit and veg, I was always quite fussy, things had to be in perfect quality or I wouldn't eat them, Kirsty helped me to work out alternatives that meant it was easy to always add some fruit or veg I enjoyed to a meal



Did you learn or discover things that you didn’t expect

to during these sessions?

There are so many things I learnt about myself whilst working with Kirsty, some things I still need to work on but that's okay, I was surprised at just how my food choices affected me, both on what choices I'd make later in the day and how I'd feel, working with Kirsty felt like I was finally seeing the bigger picture with how I ate and how it affected me.



What would you say to someone who is looking to sign

up to work with Kirsty?

I would definitely encourage someone considering it to work with Kirsty, she's helped so much, she was very flexible and helped to work with my own personal issues with food and helped me to get to a better place with eating than I have ever been



*To protect client identity and maintain confidentiality, this client's name has been anonymised. 

Please note, individual results will vary. Please see the disclaimer for more information.

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