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About Kirsty:

Kirsty is a HCPC Registered Dietitian and Personal Development Coach living on the Isle of Wight.

You can check out her professional credentials below, but at her core Kirsty is a self-described ‘good egg’ who enjoys coffee, chocolate, dancing, singing waaaay out of tune and helping people! 


Kirsty Wood UK Coach Dietitian  | Nutritionist & Dietitian UK | Your Health and Lifestyle

Why Kirsty started her freelance practice:

Nutrition information seems to be dished out by anyone and everyone these days, and it’s not always helpful. Unsolicited diet advice, pyramid schemes as well as unsafe and unregulated 'solutions' were leaving people feeling confused and no further forward with their goals. This is exactly why Kirsty founded Your Health & Lifestyle, to cut through the noise and B-S, and home in on what’s important to the human being she is working with.

The core values:

Kirsty is passionate about helping clients with sustainable, implementable action plans to carve a path towards their goals. Kirsty embodies honest, supportive, non-judgemental and weight inclusive practices throughout her work with clients.


Since her private practice was founded in 2020, Kirsty has helped people from all walks of life to improve their quality of life through nutrition. Your Health and Lifestyle has grown and developed from holistic nutrition advice, to facilitating lasting lifestyle change in other areas through a coaching model.


Some of what Kirsty regularly supports people with includes: 


  • Disordered eating

  • Intuitive eating

  • Fertility and preconception nutrition for individuals and couples

  • IBS

  • Gut health

  • SIBO

All whilst enhancing her client’s existing diets to nourish their bodies for energy, health, and strength



  • Feeling more confident and empowered

  • Career decisions

  • Relationship matters

  • Lifestyle

  • Organisation

  • Health goals

  • Identifying and living a life aligned with your values


The unique blend of nutrition and coaching helps you to become the catalyst for change in your own life, whilst feeling fully supported by a caring professional with your best interests at heart!


​If you have any questions about working with Kirsty, she offers free, no-obligation discovery calls.

During the free, 15-minute call, Kirsty will listen to your nutrition and lifestyle needs and then discuss how she can support you to work collaboratively pave a way forward.  

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Fertility Nutrition

IBS, SIBO and Gut Health. Intuitive Eating, Disordered Eating and Discovering Food Freedom

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